"Dear Carina, we at SEO-Social-Marketing, would like to thank you for your positive teachings, and video reinforcement, which aided our staff to change personal health. We are always looking forward in your new teaching and raw food recipes" SEO Social Marketing, America


“Carina changed my life. She is one of those rare trainers who understands the client’s needs almost intuitively. She guided me and challenged me as I transformed my relationship with nutrition and my body. Carina is great at looking at the big picture – nutrition, exercise, lifestyle. She helped me jumpstart some major changes in my life with a detox, supporting me every step of the way, and then helped me integrate modifications step-by-step. In a little over a year, she took me from someone who had a grade “C” diet and exercise regime, to someone to has a grade “A.” I’m thrilled with my transformation, and while I’ll miss Carina, I know the changes she helped me make are for life.” Marci Brown, America


“Carina was my personal fitness trainer for over a year and proved to be much more than that. Not only did she sculpt me into my best physical shape but she refined my diet, developed my knowledge on proper sleep, corrected my running form thus fixing a long standing injury and overall made me feel good. Her knowledge on physical and mental health is wonderfully diverse and her exuberant attitude and energy are infectious.” Julie Anne Stewart, America


“What a pleasure to work with you as you are one step ahead of the field,  have a complete understanding and are highly professional, appreciate your integrity too.” JR, Britain - Global Spa Project


"I am Cindy Lensen, working within Talent and Leadership Development, and I have known Carina since September, 2013. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend, when I told her that I wanted to work on strengthening my muscles. Carina came to my house for an intake to talk about the goals I wanted to achieve. Already then it was clear, that I would get a full package if I decided to work with her. Not only physical exercise, but also information and advice on living a healthy life. Booked! One a week, sometimes twice a week, and always customised sessions! Doing the most ridiculous and easy looking work outs, and sweating big time after 15 minutes only. Muscle pain for the next days, so I would know I had worked out. Working with Carina has improved the quality of my life. I am even more conscious of living a healthy life style (also because my husband got addicted to Carina's approach too ; ) then ever before. Carina believes in what she does and stands for it. In everything she does. A healthy Angel and a friend for life for me." Cindy Lensen, Netherlands


"Carina helps you to get the best out of yourself in a very pleasant and personal way and get's you fit in no time!" Guimette, Netherlands


"I lost 4 pounds. My glucose is coming down, and I feel so much better. Your good image makes me and surly others want to change life" Rassin Roshan, America