Carina Lipold-Lenz

Healthpassionista & International Wellness Projects Director

I am in the field of health & wellness since 15 years, have a Master degree in Healthmanagement, additional qualifications like the NLP practitioners and worked on 5 continents with over 130 nationalities.

I always had two passions: On the one side coaching clients myself and co-creating companies like PurelyB, Asia's leading health and wellness online community portal, and empowering others through creating health programs, writing articles for well known magazines, running TV shows and co-writing best-selling books like “One Crazy Broccoli - My Body Is Smarter Than My Disease”. On the other side I always loved to work with Hotels & Spas to create the nurturing framework for visitors and had the opportunity to do so with some of the world best hotels and spas. I believe my strength lies in the unique combination of understanding the wellness side of things and having in depth understanding of business and management, which enables me to lead large global wellness projects.

Since 2009 I continuously worked with Six Senses (world’s best hotel brand by Travel + Leisure magazine) in one form or the other, where I for example built the in the industry unique “visiting expert database” that ensures the smooth coordination of around 500 experts around the globe. Now holding the title as Wellness Projects Director and being part of the Wellness Innovation Team at Six Senses, I lead and implement global wellness projects that are pioneering in the hospitality industry.

Since 2016 I am proud to be a lecturer & since 2019 also Course Co-Head for the holistic nutrition course in Austria that empowers individuals to transform their own health and the health of others.

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